Warranty Registration

Dear Customer

Thank you for choosing a quality New Zealand designed and handcrafted Wagener Stove and for supporting our 3rd generation Kiwi family business.

Our Warranty to You

We stand by our products and wish you very many years of great service and enjoyment from your Wagener stove.

Wagener stoves (fires) are covered by the following warranty to the original purchaser and are subject to the following conditions.

Our fireboxes are warranted for five years from the original date of purchase and are covered against faulty workmanship and faulty materials.

A well maintained and operated Wagener stove will serve you well for many, many years. However failure to follow our instructions or misuse and lack of reasonable care and maintenance may render the warranty void.

All other parts including glass, seals, fire bricks, handles, and baffles are warranted for a period of one year if proven to be defective in material or workmanship under normal domestic use.

Our “Lion” Wetbacks are warranted for one year against faulty workmanship and faulty materials. BUT please note that lime build up or corrosion due to the PH level of water is not covered. Damage due to corrosive coal types is also not covered so please check with your coal merchant.

Please complete your warranty registration online and return to us within 21 days of installation of the fireplace and not more than 6 months from date of purchase.



Warranty Conditions

  • The Stove must be installed in accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications & all applicable standards and council by-laws, and be operated strictly according to the instructions provided with the unit.                                                
  • The manufacturer recommends that the installation is carried out by an NZHHA Certified Installer.
  • All claims against this warranty must first be submitted to the dealer from whom the stove was purchased.
  • Prior approval must be obtained from Wagener Stoves before any remedial action is taken if a claim is to be lodged.
  • The Manufacturer and/or the Dealer are not liable for any loss or expense, direct or indirect, arising from the failure of any part or operation of the heater, howsoever caused. The unit only is covered.
  • Misuse: Damage to the unit caused by burning driftwood (i.e. salt contamination), treated wood, or by over firing, is not covered by this warranty. Such damage can be identified by blistering, glazing and warping of the unit and its parts.
  • Damage to the Wet Back caused through lack of water and/or excessive boiling, corrosive coals or heavy lime concentrations in water causing lime build up and blockages or extreme PH levels, will not be covered by this warranty.
  • Damage incurred by installers, chimney sweepers, plumbers and the like will not be covered by this warranty.

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