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We are very happy with our CookTop Wagener Stove. It was one of the best things we did when we did some alterations. We were able to install it ourselves and it heats the house fairly quickly. It is stylish and we cook on it, whether boiling or slow cooking in a tagine. We even do baked potatoes in the fire itself! Having it hooked up to a wetback has helped too. A friend of ours saw how good it worked and purchased one himself. If you live where you can get a decent wood supply it is ideal. We can highly recommend it.
Bill Shatwell, Russell

After many years of toughing it out we finally decided to put in a wood burning stove & chose the Wagener CookTop - probably one of the better decisions we have ever made. The house is a typical old Far North farm house - big, draughty, high stud, rabbit warren of rooms - everything that makes a house difficult to heat and to make matters worse it is situated on a very cold & damp site, tucked beneath the Panguru ranges. Despite our misgivings about the ability of any stove to warm the entire house the CookTop does just that.
As for cooking on it - brilliant. It will boil a pot more quickly than if it is placed on an electric stove and we have found that its possible to literally cover the surface of it with saucepans to produce an entire meal. Wood consumption is good and it is very easy to light. We would recommend the Wagener CookTop to anyone considering putting in a wood burner.
Airlie, Kohukohu

"Four years ago I bought a Lifestyle Block & Home. One of the best features is my CookTop Wagener Stove. It heats my home as well as my hot water and dries my washing on wet winter days. Power cuts are no problem with its large cooking surface. I love the power savings and self sufficiency."
Helen, Peria Valley

I would like to tell you that we installed a CookTop Wagener Stove 10 years ago in the farm house where we live in Ngatea. We have never had any problems with it - it's just the same as when we first bought it. When the cold winters start it goes 24/7 until the warm weather comes again. I also do all our cooking on it

Carl Coxshall

After having many fires over the past 30 years I have purchased my first Wagener. It's the best fire ever! Everything about it is quality and the heat is awesome. Highly recommend.

Lewis Bennett

Several years ago I purchased a Wagener cook top stove from you and it has given me great service over that time. At the moment it is going 24/7, it heats my water, heats my home, drys my clothes and I cook my meals on it. Along with solar for lighting it keeps my power bill down to around $30 a month. During the summer months by lighting it every 2nd or 3rd day for a couple of hours It keeps my water hot.

Kerry Callahan, Wairoa

I’m loving my new Wagener CookTop.

I needed to replace a woodburner that had done a great job over 40 years and was apprehensive about finding something as good. After many hours of googling I settled on the CookTop Wagener Stoves and so pleased that I did! I wanted a wetback plus something to cook soup on, smallish in size but with a great heat output. This has it all!

Nancy, Paraparaumu


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