Sparky Door Glass

C2) = Sparky Door Glass with Edge Tape #9304

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Sparky Door Glass with Edge Tape attached - ROBAX Glass

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Pleasse ensure you fit the glass the correct way, Sparky has a unique feature with the Top Edge Tape cut away, it assists in maintaining the preformance of the Wagener Sparky.

Lift door off hinges and place on clean work surface.

Remove door seal rope (Early Models 12mm & Later 15mm).

Remove Fastenings and then the Inner door panel.

Remove broken glass.

Clean away any debris including from channel where door seal rope was removed.

Position replacement glass (fitted with door glass edge tape) with the edge tape cut off facing into the firebox & positioned at the top of the door.

Replace inner door panel and re fasten.

Place beads of fire cement in clean door seal channel.

Press door seal into place if in good condition or replace with new seal.

Note: All parts like Ropes, Fire Cement, Glass, Screws, Touch up Paint, etc are available.

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