B6) = Sparky Brick Set DRY MODEL #WAGSMF157

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Brick set for Sparky without any wetback DRY MODEL, Bricks are made in New Zealand.

Brick Set (2 x Side Bricks, 1 x Back Brick Shorter than Side)


These bricks are made with water and will have a moisture content, we suggest you place the bricks in a warm situation such as you hot water cupboard or next to the fire to dry out, we also suggest that you have a small fire to dry out the bricks and condition them, a large fire will turn any water into steam and may cause cracks in the bricks which will shorten their life.

Always place wood into the Firebox to avoid damage to the bricks (do not throw or force), Bricks will need to be replaced over the life span of your fireplace. Their job is to reflect heat into the fire and protect the firebox walls from the hot coals.

When replacing bricks please ensure the 3 square holes on the rear firebox wall are clean and clear of any soot to allow warm air into the fire for combustion.

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