CookTop Wagener Stove

Slow Combustion Wood Burning Stove


Affordable and Efficient 

The CookTop Wagener Stove is a compact, robust and very affordable woodfire with a solid history of performance.

It's deep brick lined firebox can accommodate large logs for excellent heat output and long burn times, while the wood box base offers a practical storage area for firewood. In addition, the stove top provides a large cooking surface and when fitted with a "Lion" Wet Back the CookTop Wagener Stove will also heat your hot water.

Heat Output and Hot Water (Power Saving!)

The CookTop Wagener Stove generates a comfortable 16kw (estimated) heat output. A "Lion" Wet Back can be fitted to heat your hot water. 

For power saving and self-sufficiency this stove has a reputation that's hard to beat.

  • Modern burning technology
  • Solid 5mm steel construction
  • Deep brick lined firebox
  • Wood storage base
  • Removable baffle for easy cleaning
  • Large CookTop surface
  • One simple air control
  • Low rear clearance
  • Ash hearth only
  • Optional "Lion" Wetback for hot water
  • Available in Metallic Black or Moss Green Metallic 


The CookTop Wagener Stove is New Zealand designed and handcrafted using only the best quality materials with a special Hi Temperature paint finish.

The CookTop Wagener Stove firebox is covered by a 5 year warranty. (Please refer to our Installation and Operating Instructions for full details)

*$NZ Recommended Retail Prices only including GST. Prices do not include freight, flue systems, installation, hearths and the like.
At Wagener Stoves we are continually improving our products therefore specifications and designs may change without prior notice.

CookTop Wagener Stove
RRP $1765.00*

CookTop Wagener Stove brochure >>

CookTop Wagener Stove Dimensions

Height 700mm
Depth 485mm
Width at Base 390mm
Width at Top 506mm
Flue Size 150mm
Wetback - Cold Pipe
- Hot Pipe
Ash Hearth - Front
- Side

Installation Guides

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Optional Top Rails RRP $100*

 Optional Metallic Green add RRP $100*